A: That moment, when you read a paper and you know one of the cited authors 🙂
A: *quote from the paper which is citing here, with a claim*
B: aha! 🙂
B: cool, which paper?
A: wait, let me give you a link to the PDF
A: *link to paper here*
A: *Title of Paper Here*
B: well, but i was not aware of the fact that in that paper i show *claim here*
A: that is the funn in this world
A: you say something
A: ppl transmit it differently
A: and by the end of the day we are making Science already 🙂
B: i hope people won’t continue to cite that paper in this way …
A: I am reading your paper now. I did not read it before
A: but the important thing is that your paper inspired a judgement
A: you should be proud, that is the aim of scientific publications
B: you won’t find evidence to that claim. but good method: read cited papers
B: yes, citation count is all we need
A: 🙂 and inspiration of judgement


I am not putting any comment here. After all, research papers are being read.