It is becoming more and more difficult for Search Engines to organize information today.

There is a lot of information, and if Search Engines are having difficulty in bringing the best of the results up, it is somehow Google’s fault contribution. The Ranking algorithm, or all the rating algorithms have stopped yielding successful results sometime ago. It looks like the web-search is stuck! and the already top-ranked pages will be there forever. Moreover, we cannot rely on the statically-biased information of Wikipedia for long,

If Google made it 10 years ago, it was because it gave a chance to new-comers to have their page rated on top, just where Yahoo, HotBot, Excite etc had already “fixed” the top pages. It was exactly that dynamical ambient where if you had a valuable content, you had a chance for the top, that made Google fly as a startup. Once such moment is over, the search engine has no more information (assuming “Information is something new and not something we already knew”).

People are making use of social networks to find relevant information today! We learned not to enter certain queries in search engines, but rather seek for support in social websites, or if we want to push something up for publication, we do it in Social Networks first, and then maybe let Google index it. This is why social networks are gaining momentum! They are using crowd-sources to organize information, something search engines can never do. You are probably aware of the “fail” of the Google Real-Time Search…. (but there are are things Search Engines can do).

And still the answer is time! People want fresh-information from “interesting” sources. I will let the “interesting” keyword to be defined by the reader. For someone is and for some one is = social network. Pick your own version!

Photo Credits: Drini Sema – Little Cutties.