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Author: Mandi

Researcher, Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Activist and Dreamer! Co-Founder ShqiperiaCom, initiator Open Data Albania, founder Host.al, iDoctor etc.

Handling Exceptions in Grails

Improve error handling – Exceptions The Error Handling in Grails has changed with the latest support from Groovy. In this case we will make use of the “Declarative Controller Exception Handling” feature of Grails. “Grails controllers support a simple mechanism...Read More

Quick bucks and domain hacks

  Domain Hacks are a creative way to brand names in the internet culture. They make use of domain extensions to express words within the context of a domain such as: pla.net for a planet related website, who.is for a...Read More

The 7 minute StartUp Pitch deck

A StartUp Pitch should be no longer than 7 minutes! Not even 11 minutes! Has to be the magic, infinite number 7! I say infinite because in some cultures, including my own the number 7 conceptualizes somehow an infinity. You...Read More
Research Data

A model?

The idea came to me as one switches on a light, one day  when by chance there fell into my hands an old dusty diagram,  the work of some unknown predecessor of mine. Since a chemist does not think, indeed does...Read More

Is Facebook discriminating FB Pages!?

While doing some routine boredom visits on websites in social media, I realized something peculiar. The company I used to work has a FB page with over 170K followers. While I still have some access on their information channels, I...Read More