#Wefollow criticism

While reading through articles related to the South by Southwest conference, I run into the “Wefollow” project. The project looked very interesting at first sight. It is a Twitter Directory. Based on personal interests, every user can join a specific category (tag).  This categorization seems very interesting to identify your self among other individuals who share your own interests.  Categories are unlimited as every user can add categories by tagging himself with a new category name.

Although the idea of this Twitter Directory looks very enthuziastic, I found it hard the first day to navigate through the tags and find my appropriate ones. I considered it to be not problem in the long run as a simple organization can make it easier to jump through. It was just day one anyway. Today is day 2 and I found the will to go back and visit the directory.

Today it looks a mess. Apparently navigating through the categories to find normal users is impossible. The tags have an order predefined sometimes (Interesting Twitters on top and it has to be like that), but the rest of the normal masses is vanished on an ocean of twitters. It looks like the system is unable to provide information for all the users within it, by showing only top tags / top twitters. Great tool to show top categories, and celebrities 🙂 but where are the rest? Through the mass of navigation and the lost of interest, I think the project should overcome heavy changes to be attractive to everyone, or go in silence, as Twitter.com already provides all you need.

We follow criticism
We follow print screen (day 2)

How to know if you are not a geek![Eng]

It started as a bizarre thought after watching some episodes of “Big Bang Theory” with my fiancee. At a certain point she stopped and asked me which are the 3 rules (of Asimov) about a Robots and when I explained who Asimov was and what I remembered from the rules, she watched me with a smile and said that “I was a geek!”.

Calling me a geek would be a real shock for my Average (below median) Grades of my Diplom Studies. I was about to explain her that the professors from the University would have a different idea, but she already knew that and I just remained silent. To be honest, I had a hard time in the University and even though I added a Master to my CV, I took it with complains about some hard exams. Being called a Geek from a pure Summa & Magna Cum Laude student (Yes my fiancee is a Summa Cum Laude in her Bachelor studies and is probably gonna get a Magna Cum Laude in her Master studies) was really a strange. I felt some kind of Spock from the Star Trek, away from the humans.

There's no Place like home
There's no Place like home

There’s no Place like home

I gave some thought on the topic and I realized that, it is not the knowledge that characterizes people as Geeks! It should be their behaviour and their habits. Just when I was about to forget this episode, I run into this interesting blog named 10 Annoying Habits of a Geeky Spouse. (If you are a geek you will probably gonna open and read it). The blog mainly explains some annoying actions that geek usually have. Basically, if you are not into weird stuff; like collecting old toys, or dressing funny informative T-Shirts, than you are just fine. At least I was!

End of the line in this story is that if you don’t like to be called a Geek, spend less time with technology in your hands (and that week I was spending too much time with my PC). In addition, from the blog above the general advice would be don’t do/wear/say something that the people around you will not understand (Less nice T-Shirts with unix commands on them). It will make people around you unconfortable.

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Diku ne faqen e Google, tek keshillat per webmasterat pata lexuar: Krijo faqe kryesisht per perdorues, jo per makina kerkimi.  (Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines. ) Kjo shprehje ka disa te verteta brenda. Nuk mund te them se une jam nje specialist per rritjen e trafikut te faqeve ne internet, por kam kuptuar qe nuk ka rendesi cfare Vleresimi ke ne Google (PR) apo ne Alexa, apo ne te tjera sisteme. Nuk ka rendesi sa vizita ka nje dite, dhe sa ka arritur nje muaj… E rendesisshme eshte qe faqja te kete vizitore te perhershem!

Me mire se perpjekja per kete teknika, do sugjeroja te perdornit faktorin njerezor ne reklamimin e faqeve. Psh, reklamoni faqet tuaja ne Facebook tek miqte tuaj, ne Twitter sa here ka dicka te re qe miq te tuajt te kene mundesi ta vizitojne. Nese energjia qe harxhohet per te mashtruar makinat e kerkimit do te harxhohej per te prodhuar nje informacion sa me te mire, atehere rrezultati afatgjate do te ishte disa here me i suksesshem.

Nje faqe per Puken :)

Mos u cudisni fare, edhe Puka ka nje faqe te veten ne internet. Per te gjithe te interesuarit, duke klikuar ne http://puka.shqiperia.com do te keni mundesine te futeni ne faqen e zones se Pukes.

Faqja aktualisht eshte me shume nje vend nostalgjik per Pukjanet qe e njohin me mire se nje site prezantues per nje qe kerkon informacion mbi kete qytet. Personalisht do kisha menduar qe struktura e faqes do duhej te ishte e organizuar pak me ndryshe, ndoshta sepse jemi mesuar qe faqet e qyteteve kane nje tjeter strukture. Kesaj rradhe gjithcka ishte ne doren e inisiatorit (qe rastesisht ndodh te jete im at’) dhe kur vinte puna tek permbajtja e faqes nuk mund te diskutohej me te.

Faqja permban shume artikuj mbi dhe për personalitete te ketij qyteti, duke nisur nga me te njohurit si Migjeni e tek pak te njohurit. Me shume nuk mund te them, por di vetem te shpreh entuziazmin tim per kete inisiative.

Infoarkiv.com mbi 200 000 artikuj te indeksuar

Infoarkiva (http://www.infoarkiv.com), projekti any per nje arkive mediatike ka indeksuar me shume se 200 000 artikuj nga mediat e ndryshme. Pas disa muajsh testime dhe disa muaj permiresime te agjenteve qe bejne perditesimin e artikujve, mund te themi se sistemi eshte pak a shume stabel per momentin.

Artikujt e indeksuar pritet te perdoren ne www.search.al, projekt qe eshte nen kontroll te kolegut tim S. Balleshi.

Per me shume informacion mbi kete projekt lexoni pershkrimin e tij duke klikuar ketu.

Plesk 9 Server response: Export in previous version is blocking for the license

Apparently this error happens when you have upgraded to Plesk 9 and you decide to go back again to Plesk 8. You previous licence is no longer valid (you cannot have the same licence for PLesk 8 and Plesk 9).

Upgrade you server to Plesk 9 (or 9.1) (I use the command line installer) and ignore the warning message about the licence. After the upgrade, you can retrieve the correct licence!

Blog.al is coming soon!

Duke nisur nga 31 Mars, do te nisim nje ideim te nje strukture per Blog.al. Deshira e pare eshte qe te kemi nje sistem te mirefillte perdoruesish (per te gjitha sherbimet qe duam te ofrojme nen shqiperia.com, miqte.com etj). Ne kete drejtim kemi bere disa perpjekje.

Qenderzimi i sistemit te perdoruesve eshte nje hallke qe na mban te varur per shume zhvillime te tjera. Megjithate ky sistem perdoruesisht do te perdoret fillimisht per sherbimin e emailit tek @shqiperia.com dhe per sherbimin e blogut.

Megjithese deshira per te programuar vete nje sistem blogu eshte e madhe, niveli i WordPress apo softwareve te tjera te ngjashme eshte goxha i larte dhe do ishte shume e veshtire qe te terheqesh perdorues te rinj nese nuk ofron nje sherbim teper interesant. Ndoshta mund te integrojme sistemin e perdoruesve ne nje strukture wordpress. Do ishte interesante struktura e perdorues.blog.al

Nese keni nje mendim mbi kete pike, me shkruani nje rrjesht. 🙂

Guri i Themelit

Dikur quhej guri i themelit hapi i pare i cdo nisme te re.  Ky shkrim eshte me shume nje prove se nje mendim me vlere per t’u lexuar. Nese keni arritur deri ketu, do te thote qe po humbisni caste te jetes suaj kot.