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Handling Exceptions in Grails

Improve error handling – Exceptions The Error Handling in Grails has changed with the latest support from Groovy. In this case we will make use of the “Declarative Controller Exception Handling” feature of Grails. “Grails controllers support a simple mechanism...Read More
Zend Framework

PhpCloud quick note on DSN

Cloud is the new magical word of these 2 years and a lot of  solutions are moving to Clouds which basically is a set of web-apps hosted on the internet. There have been a few php-cloud solutions as well, most...Read More

HTML 5 me logo zyrtare

HTML 5 (w3c.org) kane botuar logon zyrtare te HTML 5. Botimi i kesaj logoje nuk eshte gje tjeter vecse nje hap per te nxitur sa me pare perdorimin e kesaj gjuhe pershkrimi qe eshte shume me e fuqishme se paraardheset...Read More


Just a quick note to myself and to all those that have “outdated” information on “how to remove the BIOS password”. Most of the computers today have a Jumper (sometimes in Green or blue color) that can be used to...Read More

SQL vs noSQL

There is an interesting discussion around on wether we should stick by the old Relational Databases or go with the new hype of noSQL. noSQL looks very interesting in the fact that it does not use as much resources as...Read More