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Little countries, big domains

Browsing through .al domains, I realized that the .al domains are being registered from almost every big corporation. Google (.com.al), Microsoft (.com.al), Facebook, Twitter, Ebay and a bunch of other companies own at least one .al domain. Some of them...Read More

Official whois .al domain

Apparently AKEP is working for an official whois for the .al domains. By navigating at www.nic.al/whois the visitors can see a whois form which contains a very small amount of domains from the .al zone. There appears to be a...Read More
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Tregetim domainesh .al

Domain Trade @ Host.al Me uljen drastike te domaineve .al ka goxha interes dhe rritje te perceptimit mbi tregetimin e ketij domaini. Vetem ne 10 ditet e fundit tek Host.al kemi procesuar rreth 500 porosi per support ne regjistrim te...Read More