Featured Ligji Anti-shpifje dhe shteti rrumpalle!

Author: Mandi

Researcher, Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Activist and Dreamer! Co-Founder ShqiperiaCom, initiator Open Data Albania, founder Host.al, iDoctor etc.

Quick bucks and domain hacks

  Domain Hacks are a creative way to brand names in the internet culture. They make use of domain extensions to express words within the context of a domain such as: pla.net for a planet related website, who.is for a...Read More

The 7 minute StartUp Pitch deck

A StartUp Pitch should be no longer than 7 minutes! Not even 11 minutes! Has to be the magic, infinite number 7! I say infinite because in some cultures, including my own the number 7 conceptualizes somehow an infinity. You...Read More
Research Data

A model?

The idea came to me as one switches on a light, one day  when by chance there fell into my hands an old dusty diagram,  the work of some unknown predecessor of mine. Since a chemist does not think, indeed does...Read More

Is Facebook discriminating FB Pages!?

While doing some routine boredom visits on websites in social media, I realized something peculiar. The company I used to work has a FB page with over 170K followers. While I still have some access on their information channels, I...Read More