Remember SOPA? Well it was never a lost fight for the governments (it is not just USA, Spain, France and Italy have already passed similar laws. See A Comparative Look at SOPA and Similar Laws around the Globe for similar laws).The fight is still on and the governments keep on the same habit and just change the name of the initiatives they want to have to increase control over internet!

As I write this message, today on December 3rd, 2012, a meeting is taking place somewhere in a very business city (Dubai) to create a control mechanism for internet. In other words, this means that the governments, want to have more control on every web-page that is put on the net and every other internet activity.  In political terms this is just “regulating” the net!

We are talking on the same net that has been self-organizing in these last 25 years in a perfect way. We all realize that there is a lot to be improved in security of the internet, but I do not believe this can be fixed through bureaucrats! The movement is clearly an attempt to take control of what is our society’s highest success of this century and transforming it into government’s failure with outcome of easier censorship and frustrated freedom. Internet has to be free, it has to be the place where the different-opinion is still welcomed. It has to be the place of the non-mainstream media and where every citizen can shout their frustrations!

I am not sure if we (the internet users) can deny this from happening, but there is a website where more information can be found and where an open petition is taking place. Probably this is a lost fight, most probably governments will “Regulate” the internet, but if it is wrong. In the worst case, it will be some more money spent on dummy bureaucrats and spies good for nothing.