I was following up the twiter account of the Albanian Minister of IT (or something similar, it is just a branch of the Albanian Government which does pretty much nothing I am aware of) and I found this great picture apparently from the camera of our Minister:

Now, our Minister probably does not know what he just framed! The Semantic Web community (and many companies as well) have been using the disturbing phrase: “Eat your own dog food” to prove the value of the products that the company/community releases.

The dog-food phrase is so horrible that I tent to forget it all the time, even if it has value in it. It basically shows confidence in its own product! Inspired by this photo I will try to use “Drink your own milk” from now on.

And I am looking forward for more similar-great contributions from our Minister of IT.

And P.S If you are still wondering on how is it possible for the cow to drink it’s own milk, then look carefully, it is just an illusion.