While reading through articles related to the South by Southwest conference, I run into the “Wefollow” project. The project looked very interesting at first sight. It is a Twitter Directory. Based on personal interests, every user can join a specific category (tag).  This categorization seems very interesting to identify your self among other individuals who share your own interests.  Categories are unlimited as every user can add categories by tagging himself with a new category name.

Although the idea of this Twitter Directory looks very enthuziastic, I found it hard the first day to navigate through the tags and find my appropriate ones. I considered it to be not problem in the long run as a simple organization can make it easier to jump through. It was just day one anyway. Today is day 2 and I found the will to go back and visit the directory.

Today it looks a mess. Apparently navigating through the categories to find normal users is impossible. The tags have an order predefined sometimes (Interesting Twitters on top and it has to be like that), but the rest of the normal masses is vanished on an ocean of twitters. It looks like the system is unable to provide information for all the users within it, by showing only top tags / top twitters. Great tool to show top categories, and celebrities 🙂 but where are the rest? Through the mass of navigation and the lost of interest, I think the project should overcome heavy changes to be attractive to everyone, or go in silence, as Twitter.com already provides all you need.

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